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Meet Cassie and her boyfriend Aaron. Aren’t they the cutest?
But Cassie’s friend Becky knows something about her bestie’s new man that Cassie doesn’t know herself.  Aaron is such a mellow guy because he has to be. If he lets his temper get the better of him, things can get ugly: as in a ‘seven feet tall, hairy, snarling, and totally unstoppable’ kind of ugly. How does Becky know this?
She knows because she has the same problem: she knows exactly the kind of bad news Aaron is. She also knows a pair of strange werewolves have showed up in town looking to stake out a territory of their own, which pretty much seals the deal on her plan to break Aaron and Cassie up. It’s not a great plan, but it’s her only shot at saving her friend a lot of grief, and maybe worse.
What Becky doesn’t know–what NONE of them know–is that it’s already too late.

Tamed Hearts, Wild Souls is the first novel in my urban fantasy series of werewolves, friendships, rivalries, and danger. You can purchase the paperback right now by clicking on the image above. A paperback purchase entitles you to a download of the Kindle edition, too!
You can also prime yourself with this prequel story, called Crawl Before You Walkthat gives some extra detail to two of the primary characters of Tamed Hearts.
(And the sequel, Closer Than Family, is in editing right now, so don’t worry: there’s more to come!)