Bad News, Good News

First we’ll deal with the bad news. Amazon has given me reason to believe my stock of paperbacks will not arrive in time for the launch party. Sadness. Unless the printing goes quicker than expected, it looks like I will get them just too late.

Now for the good news. I was going to wait to spring this news, but paperback orders are open now. (Had to do it to get my author copies, unless I wanted to sell proofs, which I obviously didn’t.) Head over to Available Titles to order Tamed Hearts, Wild Souls in paperback or pre-order the Kindle edition (which will still drop October 1). As that page will tell you, a paperback order (at $14.99 plus shipping) entitles you to a free Kindle download (assuming I’ve got my settings right).

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to buy a copy from me in person, I’ll be selling paperbacks for $12–no Kindle edition included (and obviously no shipping), but the price point comes out the same if you buy the Kindle edition separately. It’s a slightly better deal for everybody except Amazon. So, for those of you who were planning to buy a paperback right away, this is my way of giving you the chance to still get your hands on a copy as early as possible. I’m still figuring out Amazon’s mechanics. Honestly, it’s a surprise things are going as well as they have been.

To further ameliorate any annoyance I’ve caused my burgeoning fanbase, here’s a look at a scene that made it into the first draft of Tamed Hearts but will now occur in book 2: the Graycliff Pack discussing a moral dilemma.


And furthermore, book 2 has a new working title, to wit:

Closer Than Family

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