General Update

First: I’ve been selling! Thanks to everybody who’s bought a copy either directly from me, or through Amazon! Of course, sales aren’t what I would like to see yet, but everybody starts somewhere, right?

Second: Launch Party this week! It’s exciting, hopefully I’ll sell a few more copies there, get the word out a little more. Plus it will be nice to hang out with people, do a reading, talk about the book and where things are going in the future.

Third: OMG Book Two. I’m on about my fourth outline and while I still envision a lot of it being similar to what I’d already sketched out, I’m no longer sure it’s going to end like I planned. New plot threads are popping up and characters acting like themselves are pulling the story off the rails. Plot points are in question. Characters are having emotional catharsis. Graycliff is coming apart at the seams.

Still, it’s going to be amazing.

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