NaNoWriMo, General Thoughts

While I haven’t added a ton of new content to Closer Than Family (which has put me behind in NaNoWriMo word count), I have been making progress. Part of what I need to do is reconsider some of the material that’s already been written and how well it serves the narrative for this stretch of time, which now looks a lot different than when I first wrote about it as part of Tamed Hearts (back when it had a different working title).  The month after the end of Tamed Hearts as it now stands was covered for the most part by just a couple chapters in the first draft (one of which was, admittedly, quite long). That part of the story is more complicated now, though the major events are mostly the same. I’m fairly certain I’ve got at least one significant extraneous scene, and one that will need to be re-written. Plus material that I still need to write. There’s also a scene I wrote ahead of myself that’s probably going to need a major re-work to align with what’s already been written.

All this is good news, because I’m doing work on the book. It’s not always easy, but focusing on editing and getting Tamed Hearts out the door, I had forgotten how I enjoyed the part of creating. Some of you know that I write collaboratively as a past-time–I’ve kept that up in the same way a professional athlete might keep running with a friend: it’s exercise, and it’s doing something I enjoy. But I get a whole different sort of enjoyment out of making something that’s mine.

The other thing I’m spending a lot of time thinking about is Patreon. Setting up a Patreon page would let fans put in a small amount every month to help me out with things like the cost of keeping this blog going, not to mention when it comes time to buy artwork, cover design, or even a better laptop. I’m not sure what sort of rewards I would offer, though, beyond chapter previews (which wouldn’t always be available–only when I’m actually working on writing something new) and early peeks at artwork. Maybe voting when it comes time to pick a cover? But I’m not sure I want to give up that sort of control, honestly. Author questions? But most of you know me personally at this point and can just ask.

I have to keep thinking about it. I also have to keep writing and revising, which I probably should go do now.

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