Closer Than Family Rough Draft

Pretty much as I predicted (okay, I’m a LITTLE behind schedule), I have a complete rough draft of Closer Than Family. All the scenes I wanted are there, in basically the order that makes the most sense, drama is escalated, action is exciting, characters are driving the plot. At least, I hope so. As of right now, the manuscript stands at 70,000 words, which makes it a little shorter than Tamed Hearts, but still a respectable length, and honestly, shorter books aren’t necessarily bad. I might give it a pass-over or two before I send it on to my editor, but basically, the MS is ready for the next phase.

Notably, we also have a series title drop. Le gasp! Closer Than Family introduces three new Point of View characters, though the focus is still on the Graycliff Pack and the pressures they are enduring as they approach their first Full Moon together. There is both more interpersonal drama among the Pack, and more kinetic action in the plot. And there are some big changes coming down the pipe for the series going forward! And that’s all I’m going to say for now. Do you want a sample? Sure you do! But I’m not going to put one out quite yet! I will, though, probably next week or so. I have to keep people coming back here, after all, right?

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