Still In Action

I know I’ve been quiet for a good long while. It’s mostly because ‘still editing, keep your shirt on’ posted repeatedly would get really boring. Actually I wasn’t technically editing, I was waiting for my beta readers to finish with the manuscript, which I wouldn’t say has happened, but I got tired of waiting. BAD NEWS: Closer Than Family is still a little ways off. GOOD NEWS: that ‘ways’ will be in terms of months. My target right now is to have the book out by late September. That should be do-able depending on how quick I can find an editor, but the date may need to be pushed back. I would say the end of the year is the outside estimate.

I still wouldn’t say I’m settled on a look for the cover, but I do have a clearer idea than I did last year. I have a blurb that I will probably be polishing up until it’s time to actually put the thing on the cover, and I feel like it’s an improvement over what went out with Tamed Hearts: shorter, snappier, more exciting. Brevity is the soul, and all that.

In other news, while I maintain that I have no intention to join the twitter-sphere, I have created an account with the smaller, independent social media site Parler, with the handle @NAGraycliff. If you’ve been around here long at all, I’m sure you’ll recognize me. Speaking of, this is also my first update that is going out to Parler, so possibly hello to some new people! If that’s you, welcome! Please feel free to mosey over to the available titles page for the skinny on my urban fantasy / paranormal romance novel Tamed Hearts, Wild Souls and the free prequel story you can download. All that stuff above is about the sequel I’m working on right now, so you’re actually coming in at a good time!

I do have other projects, but they are mostly practice at this point. For quite a while, I have been kicking around the idea of a medieval fantasy novel in the tradition of the Dragonlance novels, so I may write up some stuff that will go here, prequel-style, to see how the characters and their respective melodramas are received.

Hopefully all my countrymen are looking forward to a safe and happy Independence Day! I have family coming to town, including my sister-in-law who was kind enough to edit Tamed Hearts when I was working on it, and whose advice improved the manuscript dramatically. I expect to update a little more regularly now that things are underway, hopefully the next time I write, it will be to let you know that I’ve retained an editor and work is proceeding. In the meantime, everyone take care!

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