On to the Next Thing

I have news! No, it’s not bad. Well, maybe slightly. First, I have a cover designer–the art, as you may know, I arranged for several months back. We still have some things to finalize but the designer I hooked up with through 99Designs has put together something I really like. It was actually terribly difficult coming to a final decision, but I’m confident I’ve made the right one.

Next thing on the agenda is the promotional stuff–and I kind of need to wait for the copyright registration to come through before I can properly start that. That’s the bad news, it may take until late summer. That said, that pretty much gives me a few weeks to build buzz before an October release date, so it might work out pretty well! Here’s hoping.

On to the title: since Tamed Hearts is pretty much squared away for at least the next couple of months and I can’t do a whole lot with it, I’m planning to focus on getting the next book knocked out (working title is An Ounce of Flesh, a Pound of Cure). Much of the plot is outlined already, though not in a lot of detail. Some interesting scenes and character moments lined up as Our Heroes deal with the fallout of their first caper and learn to work together.

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