Let’s Talk Characters, Part One: Karla

Tamed Hearts, Wild Souls has four point-of-view characters, and the first the reader meets is Karla Ramsey. Karla is a Hunter werewolf. After suffering a humiliating social setback in the Chicago pack where she was turned, Karla has sought the freedom of her own Pack, bringing her mate Drake along for the ride.

Char 1

Karla Ramsey, the essential Hunter Werewolf

Karla knows little about how to run a Pack, much less found one, but she is cunning and determined to learn–and of course, she’s not working alone. As the story begins, she is already planning out how to build the foundation of her new Pack’s influence, with an eye toward dominating a huge chunk of the Pacific Northwest. Focused and driven, she knows this project needs to be undertaken one step at a time. But Karla can also be patient–if what she is waiting for is worth the reward. And the considerable independence her end-game would afford is indeed a reward worth working and waiting for. Typically for an aspiring Alpha, Karla is a dominant personality-type–she orders her mate around constantly, though she’s no bully. She also has a sadistic streak, largely because that’s one of the ways that Hunters display dominance, especially in relation to humans or Omega Wolves.

Karla’s genesis actually came when a friend of mine asked to be the template for a villain, and while my friend provided inspiration in certain places, Karla ended up being a very different sort of person. The traits they share are primarily physical, but both women are dedicated and ambitious, as well as having a certain cavalier attitude toward troublesome people. I’d say that’s probably where the resemblance ends, though, especially since my friend is both compassionate and sensitive. (She’s also kind of hilarious, and I honestly don’t think Karla comes across anywhere near as entertaining.)

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