Let’s Talk Characters, Part Three: Cassie

Cassie Art

“You’re sweet, but I don’t date customers.”

Cassie is perhaps the central character of Tamed Hearts, Wild Souls. It is her actions which bring the werewolf power struggle over Graycliff to a head. Other than being a tall, pretty, curvy, busty redhead, she’s utterly normal. She’s not a witch, she has no special abilities, she’s not the scion of some ancient bloodline. Cassie is as normal as anyone could be. She grew up not far from Graycliff–the city where Tamed Hearts takes place–and lives in a home she inherited from her uncle, whom she and her brothers used to visit regularly every summer.

Looking for someone to share her life with–aren’t we all?–Cassie meets Aaron through a connections site, engaging his attention. Since she has no pictures at all on her profile, he’s less than enthusiastic, but he warms up pretty quickly once he actually sees her in person. It doesn’t hurt that Cassie deliberately engineers a situation where she can show off for their first meeting.

Cassie is flirty, bubbly, and energetic, but she’s prone to mood swings. She likes socializing, but she also appreciates a chance to relax in peace and quiet. She has an opinionated side, but overall she’s charismatic, attractive, and popular among both her customers and co-workers. The thing is, Cassie has few close friends (and of course, no boyfriend when the story begins). We’ll meet the unusual young lady who’s become Cassie’s ‘best friend’, for whatever that’s worth, next week.

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