Renaissance Festival Over (Pictures Forthcoming)

Well, having ordered one hundred copies of Tamed Hearts for the Montana Renaissance Festival, the big event I was anticipating, I didn’t sell nearly as many of them as I’d hoped to. I did sell some, though. Hello to anyone who’s looking in after having taken my card, and welcome to the blog! If you bought a copy of Tamed Hearts and enjoyed the read, please head over to my Amazon page and leave me a review! If you’re eager for more, many of the posts in the archives have excerpts from the draft of Closer Than Family, the upcoming sequel to Tamed Hearts, Wild Souls. As work proceeds on Book 3, Hellhound, I’ll also be posting about that.

As I may have mentioned, Closer Than Family has a complete manuscript, but it’s in editing at the moment. Hellhound is in the early stages of development.  Since we literally just now hauled in our things from the Festival, I’m a little wore out, and am now due for a shower and a reward dinner. I’ll see if I can post some pictures of our booth and my costume in the next week or so. Hope everybody had a good weekend!

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