Renaissance Festival (Pictures Included!)

Here, as promised (after recovering from regret that I didn’t take more), are some pictures from my time at the Montana Renaissance Festival, at ZooMontana just a couple weeks ago.


The ‘Trinkets and Treasures’ Booth, with a couple of my partners.

This is a picture (admittedly not terribly good) of the booth I was sharing with a few others. There was lots of art, jewelry, and various trinkets for sale–and of course, my books.


My table.

Here’s a shot of my backdrop, banner, and table setup, including a bit of art that was done by one of the ladies I shared the booth with (bought from her a couple years back when I was working on the manuscript) and a tiny plush of Becky made by my SO.


Close-up of my table setup

A closer shot of the actual table (sacrificing the view of my magnificent banner). You can get a better look at my business cards, signage, and the Becky plush. I enlisted her to sell some wolf fang pendants for me, and you can kind of see one hanging around her neck.


Lots of heavy stuff.

And finally, a shot of all the heavy junk it takes to make a Renaissance Festival booth. Canopy tent, a couple tables, wagon to carry things, and of course, merchandise. All in all, while I didn’t sell as much as I hoped, the time was fun and hopefully we’ll all do even better next year!

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