As some of my long-time followers may already be aware, I’m fairly settled on the title for book three in the werewolf series I’ve been calling Silver Angels. Like the first two, it focuses on happenings in and around the fictional city of Graycliff, Washington, specifically those related to the growing werewolf community. During book two, Closer Than Family, that community grows dramatically, and draws the attention of some outside actors, whose plans and machinations will form the core of the action in book three, called Hellhound.

While I’ve done a little writing, there’s a lot more planning yet to be done. I can tell you that while Tamed Hearts clocked in at around 75,000 words and Closer Than Family will probably be around that as well, Hellhound will certainly be much longer. The situation in Graycliff has been complicated by the events of the first two books, which means the narrative will need to be that much more intricate. Closer Than Family adds two main characters, and Hellhound will expand the cast yet more (though I expect there will also be some subtractions). I hesitate to say too much, but there are a few things that I do know about the story of Graycliff and its werewolves going forward.

  • The longer you read, the more details you will gain about Becky and her dark past, specifically…
  • The most influential figure in Becky’s past is the Alpha who first tried to bring her into his pack. He will make an appearance, and not in a cursory way.
  • She will also find someone special. Though I am not 100% certain who this person is, I know that they are out there.
  • Doesn’t the government know about things like werewolves? Well, sort of…
  • The reason for the Silver Angels name will be made clear.
  • The leadership of the Graycliff Pack will be shaken up.
  • And you will definitely learn more about why werewolves are the way they are.

Work on the manuscript of Closer Than Family has been coming along apace, and when its closer to a finished product, I will start ordering the artwork–I already have a few ideas I’m quite excited about, though I probably will not order as many pieces as I did for Tamed Hearts. The ones I am planning to order this time are likely to be more directly related to the story itself, rather than introducing the characters.

Hope everyone is having a good summer!

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